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Sue Gregor

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I make a range of acrylic jewellery using a process I developed myself during my MA. I call this method of dying and embossing plastic, ‘Fossilized Plastic’, due to the fine detail which it is possible to capture on the embossed surface, giving a fossilised effect. I enjoy the brilliant colour and the rich surface patterns that this process creates. Each piece is a one-off and individually made.

For the subject I choose quite ordinary plants and weeds, as well as textiles which I have had a life long love for.

I hope that the wearer will not only enjoy my pieces as jewellery but also review their appreciation of the natural world.

I am inspired by the modernist approach to materials and enjoy using plastic items from places like Hong Kong. I set out to create a marriage between the industrial and the organic. I want to create a feeling of celebration between material and subject.